Sunday, February 4

Spring in February?

Today began simply with Bryan and I deciding to go out for breakfast. We haven't done this in a while because, well, it's just not that hard to make an omelet. But Eva had recently told us that Phillipe's (home of the French Dip sandwich that we can't eat) serves a mean breakfast and, even better, coffee that costs 9 cents. All it took was us discussing going out to breakfast for Melba to play opossum.
Mel Plays Dead
We eventually did make it out of the house and into a day that's turned out to be 87 degrees. What's up global warming!?!

So that led me out into the garden that I've been ignoring because it's been so cold.

And Weeded And Weeded...
Today I weeded. And weeded. And weeded.

Go Artichoke Baby! Go!
The good news is that the artichoke plant we planted last February is going strong. I think I need to feed it though, because I'm not seeing any flowers yet.

Tomorrow I'm going to plant some lettuce and spring veggies in my veggie patch. I have to say I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also going to start sending out my query letter to lit if any of you have a friend in the biz that's looking for teen mystery series...

I'll keep you posted on the garden.

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