Thursday, August 10


Last night Tom Petty decided that he didn't want to be filmed by us for the DVD that we're making of these concerts. So Production gave the camera guys the night off, only they needed someone to run three of the cameras for the giant video screens for the crowd.

This is me running one of those cameras.

The producers decided they'd give the PAs their time in the spotlight so here Ed (the Coordinater) and I are shooting Petty. On our headsets (cans) there's a director backstage telling us what to do and saying things like "Ready Camera 2, Go Camera 2....3 pull out for wide...1 Camera 2-shot". Everyone decided that since Petty was being lame about us filming, they'd show him by putting the least experienced people on camera and directing the show. The funny part was that the show ended up looking really good on the screens.

That's the stage in the background. 30,000 people watched as I followed Petty around. AND Stevie Nicks came out and joined him for some songs. SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW, mostly because Ed and I are such rock stars.

More about this whole thing will follow, I just wanted to get these up fast!

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