Saturday, August 19

Sturgis 2006

So I've returned home from my adventure in Sturgis, South Dakota. To give you a sense of what the motorcycle rally there is like imagine a state in which the population is about 600K. Now imagine 650K bikers descending on one very small town in the middle of nowhere. That's the motorcycle rally.

Here are some pictures of the rally itself.

Downtown Stugis with the Black Hills in the background.

Main street Sturgis is filled with parked bikes and surrounded by vendors selling leathers and t-shirts.

This is what pretty much every street in Sturgis and the surrounding areas looked like. Bikes. Everywhere. And nary a helmet in sight.

Nate, Ed and Davon worked on the show with me. Needless to say the four of us stuck out like sore thumbs around all the bikers. But they were all surprisingly sweet to us.

I'm recounting my journey all out of order. I'll explain about the concert series tomorrow and maybe then share some photos of the real Deadwood.

Freakin' Sturgis Man.

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Al said...

Welcome back! You must have some fantastic stories! Can't wait to hear! And, of course, to hear about the project that took you to Sturgis in the first place.