Thursday, June 29

Girls ONLY Weekend

That's right. This weekend it's just me and Mel, because Bryan's off to Mexico to fish with his dad and friends.

To kick off our weekend of freedom we went on our daily hike this morning. Mel and I have gotten into the habit of hiking one of two trails/roads in Elysian Park every morning. Well, hike isn't really the right word, jog maybe? But no, it's more of a Sprint As Fast as You Can and then Stop Suddenly to sniff and then Walk to catch your breath. This is how we rock it.

So today I thought I'd take my camera around to better explain why I love that Elysian Park is right next door.

This is the start of our trail. As you turn a bend, suddenly you're beside this church, which pops up out of nowhere.

I noticed today that along the trail all the flowers are white right now.

This is my absolute favorite trail flower and I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know? It looks like a big trumpet flower that grows in weedy greens next to the trail.

Along the way we also pass this view of Los Angeles.

So much of LA seems so covered in asphalt and cement that it's nice to have such a green view of the city. True, the skyline is a bit brown from the smog, but it's summer. That's what happens here. Fortunately there are trees too.

At the top of the trail, someone has created a garden with a watering station for dog.

Mel, of course, does not drink from the bowls, but from the puddles between rocks.

At the end of our sprint/sniff/hike even Mel needs a break in the wet grass.

So that's one of our hikes. It's about 4 miles round trip and is better than coffee for waking you up at 7am.

On a sidenote, this guy landed on my desk yesterday...

Do you think he knows that flower is just a stamp? He was pretty determined to hang around it. Even after I took him outside to release him (which is at least 5 good karma points by the way).

And so begins a long girl's weekend. What else does the weekend have in store for us you ask? Well there's always practicing for obedience class and working on the video business. And I have a really fun surprise coming in the next couple of days. I'll elaborate when it gets here, but for now it's back to work (or at least other distractions provided by the internet).


Jim said...

Your favorite trail flower is also one of mine, Jimson Weed, or Datura, and was used as a hallucinogen by many indigenous peoples in religious rituals.

See Datura stramonium at Wikipedia, but, whatever you do, don't eat the seeds of Jimson Weed unless you know what you're doing.

The flowers on the Jimson Weed in the photo at Wikipedia don't look quite right but if you type Jimson Weed into any search engine you'll come up with many photos that look just like yours.

Thank you Ash for visiting Earth Home Garden and I'm a bit curious how you found us.

I'm glad you liked the Spotted Owl photo, it was a beautiful way to spend my morning, hanging with those owls.

By the way, you are a beautiful woman, your heart's obviously in the right place, and I hope you and your husband build a wonderful life together. My lovely wife of 28 years is my best friend and my partner for life.

I have a feeling that your garden will, some day, in some magic place, grow into a sustenance farm that supplies much of your food and great peace of mind.

Enjoy your day Ash, and I hope you come to visit Earth Home Garden again, and I'll be meandering around the paths of Green Urban FarmGirl too, to see what kind of adventures you find to share with us.


Ash said...

Thanks for the ID. I did some research about the plant on wikipedia as you suggested. It's so interesting how such a benign looking plant could potentially be so deadly. I think I'll pass on adding it to my kitchen.

Thanks for all your kind words...I hope Bryan and I have as nice a life together as you seem to.