Friday, June 16

In the Beginning there was...the Artichoke

This is the first of what I hope will be many posts, although given my history of starting and stopping journals within a couple of posts, we'll just see how long this lasts.

I'm thinking it'll be a little but about what's going on in my garden, such as my current bounty of artichokes. I planted these in Mid-March and though the plants grew huge (there's a reason they said to space them 3-4' apart) and we were concerned that we overcrowded them by planting them 1' apart, it turns out they're just fine. In fact, we have at least a half dozen artichokes showing on our 6 plants.

A little of what I'm cooking in the kitchen...tonight is Ginger Shrimp, Sugar Snap Pea and Corn Stir Fry...stay tuned for details.

A little of the dog (her name is Mel and we rescued her about a month ago, but I'll tell that story later)

A little of what's happening with Bryan and my pursuit to support ourselves doing what we love, i.e. making movies and the quest to be able to quit all stupid meantime jobs.

And finally it will be a me asking for hints and help in any of the above categories!

Quesiton for the day: When do you know when artichokes are ready to pick?

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