Tuesday, June 20

Interviews and Companions

This is Tim

Tim is our friend who played the lead in our short film THE BOX, that we are working to make into a feature film. Here he is at the premiere of another short film he was just in entitled EXIT INTERVIEW. Doesn't he look fab in his green suit?

We went to the premiere because we had heard lots of good things about the film and they were all true. Here we are in the theater (he really was taking a picture of us, not just those two in the front)

The premise of the film is that a man who is in a bad place in his life, goes to a job interview only to slowly discover that it is an exit interview he had set up before this life. In fact, his body is hanging in a car accident below. He's to determine whether he's learned all the lessons he set out to learn and so move on, or return to his life and continue this journey. I won't tell you which he picks. The print was gorgeous and it was fun to see so much support for a short. I even had one of my rare celebrity sightings (I'm always the one who either doesn't see the celebrity standing in front of me that everyone else sees, or I just don't know who they are) when I noticed Tony Shalhoub in the audience.

Also this weekend we went to see A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION,

so the question of the day is...What is this movie? I get that it's probably not directed of me because I am not a rabid fan of the radio program, but the film just left me so confused. It's actually a lot like the radio program in that it's slow, without plot and though Garrison Keillor's voice is sort of pleasant, it makes me want to change the channel after 5 minutes. The attempts at plot fell so flat that I was left wondering if the characters weren't some elaborate inside joke that only fans would understand, and thus leave the rest of us out of the club and confused. I don't get it. I don't like it, and I sure don't understand it. If anyone out there can explain the appeal of this film/radio program/host, I'd be much obliged. But in the meantime, I'd wait until this comes out on video. It's the kind of movie that's good to put on in the background while you're doing something else, like cleaning, or cooking.

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