Sunday, June 18

The Story of Mel

In honor of Mel's first day of obedience class today, I've decided to regale you with the story of how Mel came into our lives.

This is Mel.

Bryan and I had been thinking about getting a dog since last September when we got married. It's been sort of floating between us while we put together our house, garden, business, etc. And then a couple of months ago my brother asked me (well, to be honest I volunteered) to take care of his dog Bentley while he was chaperoning the high school surf trip to Tonga. I know. I know. Anyway, Bentley was fabulous and I fell in love with having a dog over the course of that week. So from about Easter on, I was looking for a dog. We didn't want to buy one from a breeder since there are so many that need homes, so I searched all the local dog shelters. Twice I thought I'd found the perfect dog only to have it yanked from my grasp at the last possible second (literally once).

And then I found Mel and we drove in Friday afternoon traffic to the East Valley Animal Shelter to meet her.

I mean seriously, could we turn down this face?

So we adopted her right away but couldn't pick her up until Monday from the Vet who was going to spay her. When we picked her up she was extremely groggy from the knock out drugs they gave her. The next couple of days she was recovering beautifully until she started coughing. The coughing turned out to be pneumonia, not distemper as we feared, but which took about a week of antibiotics to get over.

Now, a month later, she's healthy and happy and at a good weight (she was really skinny when we got her.

Watch out all balls that pass through our home lest the above be your fate.

Mel loves tearing apart things, especially flip flops; long hikes; belly rubs; playing with other dogs, especially the aforementioned Bentley; and...

...playing tug-o-war with Bryan.

I have just realized that I've posted more pictures of Mel than of anything else. I guess I am turning into one of those dog people Bryan's always warning me about. I promise, the next post...all about food!

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auna said...

Aw, Mel is beautiful! Glad to see the Moser family pit bull count has been upped.