Wednesday, June 21

Something's Happening...

...In the Garden.

Check it out. My first cherry tomatoes of the season.

I can't say enough good things about that straw I put down as mulch for the garden. Seriously, I didn't need to water for 2 days because it did such a good job of keeping the ground from drying out. Yes, it's messy, but if you're working on your own garden, you might want to consider it. While watering today I noticed my first pepper of the season.

I'm not sure if this is a Jalepeno or Cayenne (I can't remember exactly which one I planted where, but I think it's a Jalepeno. We'll see if it turns red and then I'll know for sure.

Mistake of the day: The plums on my plum tree are in fact ripe. I took one look at them and assumed that they were still immature because of there size and color.

Not so. In fact, when I touched one I realized it was soft and when I tasted it, I realized it was perfect. There's nothing like a ripe plum picked from a tree while it's still sun kissed and warm. Delicious. I have a TON of plums, so if you know any good plum recipes, send them my way and I'll try them out and post the results. Or if you're in LA and would like a taste and a bag to take home, stop by!

And finally for the QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's eating me?

This is one of the tomato plants I transplanted from the shade (it was a sunny spot before the fig tree filled out) into a more sunny spot. Clearly this stressed it out as I pulled off a bunch of yellow leaves over the next few days. By now it seems to have aclimated, so I'm wondering if the above picture shows that it's just still a little stressed or if that looks like a bog is getting to it. Gardeners, I await your thoughts.


auna said...

I tried this, and it was pretty delicious. I can only assume that someone who can actually bake and whose oven isn't slanted so that it all goos to one side could make it even better.

Ash said...

That does look delicious. I'll try it out and report!