Saturday, October 14

Cayenne and Tamales

Last night I finally ground up the cayenne peppers that have been floating around the house drying for the past few weeks.

Cayenne Pepper Bounty
The thing about those peppers is that even when you've washed your hands a few times the oil still manages to find places to hide so that when you rub your eyes later it burns. So that's my lesson learned today: wear gloves when making red pepper flakes.

Bryan was hungry when he got home from work late last night, but lucky for him I picked up a couple of tamales from the farmer's market.

Steaming Tamales
I couldn't resist trying a pineapple one and while I thought it was a little weird, he really liked it. But then again the man loves pineapple on his pizza too (as well as anchovies on anything but that's another story). The other was a regular corn tamale and it was very very tasty.


Been there, done that said...


I read your profile, and hurt for you, my sister.

You 'love LA' but 'long for the farm.' Man, talk about paradox.

I lived in Manhattan for years and always thought I would 'miss something' if I left the city and moved to the beach. How wrong I was.

I found a way to make life in a seaside village work. My career is one that requires a presence in NYC, so I go there once every six weeks for meetings.

Otherwise, I live my dream life by the sea.

Do you really love LA, or do you just like being near 'a scene?'

Perhaps one day you'll see that the farm is what mattered all along, and that the clubs were just an excuse to feel 'cool'.

Search yourself and you may find the answer.

Good luck-


Ash said...

Wow, this is really awesome. I wonder what led 'been there, done that' to think that I wanted to be near clubs to be cool. The irony is fantastic! You could not pay me to hang out in LA Clubs or be part of the scene. Most nights I'm in bed by 10. Honestly, aside from my friends, most of whom are actors or TV/Theater writers and therefore need to be in LA, the other reason we live here is because this is where film happens and where good films are shown. The only "scene" we'd miss by moving to the country is watching independent films in theaters.

Fabulous! I hope my mom reads this. What do you think mom? Do I need to search myself? Or maybe hang in LA and try to get our LA location-based movie off the ground?

I think it's really interesting the assumptions people make about those of us living in LA (especially from people you come from -ahem- NEW YORK!!!) and what this city is really like. You know...I think I'm going to post about it...stay tuned.