Wednesday, October 18

October Garden - Before

I noticed that Mel had found a nice spot in the sun this morning and went out to take a picture for the blog.

Mel has made a nice bed of weeds in the sun
While I was out standing in the garden I decided to check out the pathetic state of neglected affairs. Much to my surprise I found the artichoke plants had come back. During the summer they had died down to brown dead leaves with no sign of life.

The Great Artichoke Comeback!
(note the remaining dead one from last season)

I'm assuming it's the regular watering and cooling temperatures that have brought them back. The thing about fixing the irrigation is that now all the weeds are green. And that's mostly a good thing. At least it means the irrigation is working.

Now all my weeds are green
Polly is throwing a big Halloween party at her house (the front house) and is having a band play. She and I decided the only logical place for them to play would be on a platform over the garden. That means people are going to be in the garden. That means it's time for my fall cleanup/planting. So that picture above of all the green weeds, that's the before picture. Hopefully after this weekend there will be some after photos as well.

The nasturciums have taken over my squash patch, but that's okay because the squash didn't get enough water or sun and so didn't do very well anyway. I need a bigger yard, but that will come soon enough.

They always come back.
The limes are ripening much to my pleasure. I've been soaking the tree to bring it back from it's stressed out place of non-production.

Lime Heaven
That's it for now. More adventures in beginner gardening will follow. I'm thinking lettuce. And lavender. Maybe some succulents by the back where the irrigation doesn't quite reach. Also more herbs for cooking.

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Anonymous said...

I read your profile, and hurt for you, my sister.

'Mel has made a nice bed of weeds in the sun?' Man, talk about paradox.

I live a really awesome life in a seaside village, and I have lots of free time to read blogs of people I don't know.

Every thirteenth day, a magic trolley takes me to a city where I bang a gavel and they deliver unto me sacks of gold and jewels.

Has Mel really made a nice bed of weeds in the sun, or has she just laid down on some weeds. Weeds that she THINKS are a bed?

Perhaps one day she'll see that the real bed is what mattered all along, and that the weeds are just her excuse to feel 'cool'.

I have to go. My trolley is coming.

Good luck-