Wednesday, October 11


I was going through all the pictures in iphoto and I came across these from when I was in Deadwood as part of the Sturgis trip. On a sidenote, if you google Sturgis 2006 my post comes up about 53rd. About a third of the random people who find my site, do so by searching for Sturgis 2006. Weird.
Main Street Deadwood

The only police office I saw in all of South Dakota

Bullock's hotel

The best-looking woman I saw in the entire state


The thing about Deadwood is that it's actually really depressing. The town has burned down several times since the days of Wild Bill, which means that it's been rebuilt to look old-timey, but it doesn't even come close. In an attempt to lure tourists, the town made gambling legal, so really it's just a main street of the worst casinos you've ever been in. We're talking one card table and 50 video poker and slot machines. Pathetic.

It did however, have the best restaurant anywhere around. The food was good. The service, not so much. It was a $30 entree kind of place and the waiter placed all of the wine glasses at one end of the table and had us pass them down. Classy. And this was after we spent 20minutes (I'm not exaggerating) convincing them to push 2 tables together to accommodate 8 people. The wait staff was terrified that the kitchen staff would get mad at them.

It didn't make sense to me either.

Ah Deadwood. Don't ever go there. Just watch the show.

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