Tuesday, September 19

Irrigation Works!

Back in February when Bryan and I first attempted to tame the garden, there were several incidents of shovel and irrigation PVC pipe meeting and shovel winning over plastic. Needless to say, we've been hand-watering the garden ever since, much to the distress of some of the plants.

At one point I thought I'd take it upon myself to repair our blunders, only to almost throw out my back trying to pull off the broken coupling from the PVC pipe. Later I leaned about the cement used to keep them attached.

The good news is that last weekend my mom and dad visited and while they were here, my dad helped us repair the damage. So now we have sprinklers that work. Like this one:

In other garden news, my white potted flowers, whose name I've already forgotten, are on their third bloom for the season.

The zucchini are chugging along nicely, happy in their new found regular watering.

The tomatoes alas, are dead.

The tomatoes are dead. Long live the zucchini!

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Anonymous said...

they're petunias