Saturday, September 23

I've Sold Out

That's right. Corporate America came knocking on my door, and I not only answered, I served tea and cookies. I'm such a bad anarchist.

As you may have noticed, there are now ads on my site. The good news is that I didn't bend to the will of google and put on adsense ads. Instead I chose to back Amazon, because, quite frankly, they've never done me wrong and we order a lot of great used books thru them, like the bread baking book I just bought.

Here's the deal, there are links to a few of my favorite items, and there is also a link to the store in general on the right sidebar. Since I'm writing this blog mainly for friends and family, I was hoping you'd do me the favor of using my site as a portal when you want to buy something from Amazon. Just come here first and click a link to Amazon.

Thanks. I appreciate it. And so does Corporate America. Here's to widening the gap.


Al said...

I was WONDERING what that was all about. It seemed so unlike you...

Greg Moser said...

It's a good thing i got rid of those ads for you, otherwise Al might have had to start reading some other persons blog.