Sunday, September 3

Rosanna and David

Our friend Rosanna, who Bryan and I went to USC with, and who produced a film Bryan recorded sound for back in the day, just got married yesterday. The wedding was at the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook where they had recently finished a garden area for the wedding. As was to be expected the wedding was as beautiful as she was, here's proof:

I got too caught up in the ceremony to remember to take pictures but suffice it to say there was a waterfall involved and it was lovely.

Here's Rosanna and David at their first dance.

I blame the blurriness on the open bar and three hours of traffic.

This is the family who sat at our table (we had by far the best table).

They are from Sacramento and the boys went to high school with Rosanna so we figured that we were the table for old friends. One of David's friends from high school also sat with us. All lovely people as one would expect at Rosanna and David's wedding. Seriously, two of the most genuinely kind people you've ever met.

Here's Rosanna with her dad.

I like to think that it's blurry because they were dancing really fast.

And finally, perhaps my favorite shot of the evening, Mr. Kramer himself:

Most likely he's thinking about the fact that even after a $5 tip, the bartender still wouldn't let him have extra olives for his martini. It's hard to be Bryan sometimes.

Yet another successful wedding that was much more relaxing than our own. Our anniversary is the 10th of this month so check back here for a trip down wedding-photo memory lane!


Al said...

Man, it's the 10th! For some reason I was thinking I had more time to get your wedding gift to you. Don't tell Emily Post...

Ash said...

I think that if the gift is hand made you have at least 2 years before the advice columnists come knocking at your door :) Especially if it is as special as that quilt!