Saturday, September 30

A Saturday Morning in Echo Park

This morning I was hanging out in Echo Park with Mel as we waited for the truck to get detailed. What should have taken three hours took five and resulted in a minor sunburn. But in truth is was a lovely way to spend a morning, sitting on a bench, looking at the fountain,

reading a british mystery novel for work. Occasionally another dog would come by and if it was a friendly dog it would play with Mel for a while. One body checked her into the lake. She doesn't swim and I think she was surprised to discover that she sinks. I pulled her out and now she's much more respectful of the lake.

All morning some folks were setting up a stage on the lawn and periodically blasting Chris Isaac. When it sounded like bands were actually beginning to play around noon, we wandered over and discovered the 2nd annual Echo Park Music Festival. This was one of the bands.

As you can see attendance was low, but I'm thinking it was because the hipsters were all still asleep.

When we left the park we passed the lotus garden, which is past its prime.

I think those are seed pods left over from the blooms.

A few blooms still remained so the season isn't completely over, just getting close.

It's days like these that make me really happy to be living where I'm living.

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