Sunday, July 2

Cutting Class

Mel and I totally cut class today. See my last post for why I might not have made it to a 9am dog obedience class. We'll make it up later. In the meantime, check out how well Mel is learning.

OK, so sometimes she thinks Sit means wag your tail, but she's getting better.

This video is really for the moms so they can be proud of their grandpuppy. I swear I am not turning into one of those dog people who only takes pictures and videos of their dogs. I do have friends, I promise. Just look at the party pictures, see friends.

1 comment:

robin andrea said...

She's very cute. I like how she tries to please you. Quite a lovable girl.

Thanks for stopping by our blog the other day. It's nice to visit with you in yours. I like how you have carved out a green haven in LA. Good luck with it.