Sunday, July 9

The Lotus Festival at Echo Park

Even though we've had friends living in Echo Park for 4 years now, this is the first year we made it down to the annual Lotus Festival. The idea is to honor pacific and Asian pacific cultures while also bringing everyone's' attention to the blooming lotus flowers that grace the north end of the lake. Too bad they didn't bloom in time for their festival.

There were two stages set up along with tons of food and crafts. On one stage we watched these dancers from a local Korean Dance School. I think I should call the video "Down in Front".

Here the dancers are doing their thing.

Mel wasn't really buying the whole heat + tons of people + loud music thing so we didn't spend too much time watching, but what we did see was fun.

Here's Bryan demonstrating his underhanded pitch.

The lake with the city in the background.

Mr. Joe Cool.

Me and Mel walking around the festival.

But these guys were my absolute favorite. Check it out. First of all this is a boat with a large dragon on it that's really a platform. But if you look closer...

These guys have clearly got the best job with their outboard motor and case of cold beer.

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