Monday, July 10

Looking for Inspiration in San Pedro

Last night Bryan, Mel and I piled into the bug and headed to San Pedro in search of location-driven inspiration for a script we're working on. I think we found some along the way. Here are some of the (better) images from the journey.

San Pedro always makes me think of Bukowski, so I thought I'd add one of his poems to this post. The following is used with no permission whatsoever (sorry!)

Be Angry at San Pedro

I say to my woman, "Jeffers was
a great poet. think of a title
like Be Angry At The Sun. don't you
realize how great that is?

"you like that negative stuff." she

"positively," I agree, finishing my
drink and pouring another.
"in one of Jeffers' poems, not the sun poem,
this woman fucks a stallion because her
husband is such a gross spirit. and it's
believable. then the husband goes out
to kill the stallion and the stallion
kills him."

"I never heard of Jeffers," she

"you never heard of Big Sur? Jeffers
made Big Sur famous just like D. H. Lawrence
made Taos famous. when a
great writer writes about where he
lives the mob comes in and takes

"well you write about San Pedro," she

"yeah," I say, "and have you read the
papers lately? they are going to construct
a marina here, one of the largest in the
world, millions and billions of dollars,
there is going to be a huge shopping
center, yachts and condominiums every-

"and to think," my woman says smiling, "that you've only
lived here for three years!"

"I still think," I say,
changing the subject,
"you ought to read Jeffers."

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sorry i didn't get your messie in time. hope you made it to class with mel!