Monday, July 3


I was down in San Diego for the weekend with the fam and I forgot my camera, so I don't have any fun pictures to share. Instead I figured it was time for a retrospective of some of my projects. As one of my many side jobs (I try not to have any real jobs) I paint sets for theater productions.

Here are a few of the results. This first series is for a play entitled "Bright Ideas" about a couple who murder a woman so that their child can have her child's spot in the best preschool. It's a dark comedy.

This is stage right. The direction I was given was to make the set look like it's both the real world and a preschool.

This central panel functions as both the outside park and a mural inside the school.

Stage left is the kitchen in which the main characters make poison pesto. This is essentially Macbeth set in Manhattan.

This last image is a detail one of the trees in the background.

Because of this show, I got a call to paint some other sets, this time for a high school production of "Uncool". The sets were simple. The director just wanted lockers and a mall setting. So he got these.

He also was doing a kids theater production of Snow White. For that he wanted 4 sets (I only photographed 3 of them): the throne room (unpictured)...

the witch's cave

the dwarves' cabin

and the forrest. I know some of the perspective on these is a bit off but I was doing these extremely quickly and I figured it was for kids anyway, so maybe people wouldn't notice the lack of the chimney on the fireplace.

So that's it so far in the set painting department. I'll post more as I paint more!

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