Sunday, July 2

So Long Steve

Sorry for the blurry photo but I wanted to post a picture of Steve from his going away party last night. The focus would have been better had the So-Long-Steves not been flowing so regularly from the bar. That's Maria and Andrew beside him and in his hand he had a batch of chocolate bacon that a friend made for him as a going away gift and he was kind enough to share with everyone all night. I passed, but I heard it was excellent.

The Gala event was put on by the lovely Eva...

who steered the course of the evening through the rough waters.

Indeed it was a crazy party, as demonstrated here by Alex(Adrian) Cruz.

Note how the cup on his head stands in for a lamp shade because of our outdoor location. It takes a lot of concentration to be crazy!

I also met Grant of Well Fed fame for the first time. We had a lovely chat about various grains, but that was before I hit the bar and conversations became significantly less coherent.

So Long Steve, you'll be missed. I hope you decide to return to LA from Seattle some day. But until then, good luck.

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eva said...

thanks for the myspace picture!