Saturday, July 1

Garden Update

iIn an effort to keep a log of what's happening in the garden, here are some pictures of where we're at.

The artichokes are clearly chugging along nicely. These two look like they're just about ready to be picked. Oh, and I found out that you're supposed to pick artichokes before their leaves/petals open too much.

The strawberries are also coming along nicely.

I did have one of the four plants croak on me but the other three seem very happy and healthy. They produce about 1 strawberry every couple of days, which is immediately popped into my mouth. Good times.

The peppers are going strong.

This is one of the two original pepper plants I put in the ground about a month ago (the other bit the dust). I had to move this plant into a sunnier spot when the fig tree filled out and I thought this pepper would be stalled, but it's started growing again. I'm not sure if this is a jalapeno or a bell pepper though. Any ideas?

This plant has at least a dozen peppers growing. I can't remember if it's a jalapeno or cayenne plant. I think I'll start keeping better planting records in the future.

The cucumber plants are definitely growing but they, along with some of the squash plants, seem to be plagued by this.

It's making some of the leaves chalky and white and crisp. Is this a disease or a pest?

The herb pot is happily filling with oregano.

Those little sprouts in the back are cilantro. The first thing I've ever grown from seed, thankyouverymuch.

The last time I did a big planting in February (or Jan - can't remember) I planted about 3 dozen lettuce plants. Needless to say I couldn't keep up with their production and they all bolted.

This time around I'm sticking to 6 lettuce plants, which is a far more manageable number.

I figure about the same time the lettuce gets ready to start harvesting, the tomatoes will be ripe.

These babies are on their way..,. my tummy.

And I'm so glad I heeded my mother's advice and planted some cherry tomatoes! These heirloom orange cherry tomatoes are already really productive, and delicious.

Finally this plant is growing next to my hose spigot.

I thought it was a weed, but now that it's in bloom I'm not so sure.

Can anyone identify it for me?

I promised Bryan I'd work on our most recent script while he's away, but I'm struggling because it's gorgeous out and I just want to dig. I think I'll write a bit and the head out there this afternoon.

Oh, before I forget, my piece on How To Save a Peach Tree is in the blog carnival Festival of Trees at Via Negativa. This carnival spotlights writings about trees. Check it out.

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Jade said...

Hey there, thanks for sharing your garden photos.

As far as pepper IDs, I think the first photo is a jalapeno and the second probably the other option you gave (I forget now what that was).

I'm not certain what is plauging your squash, but it could be a virus.

I have no idea what that flowering plant is with the bright fuchsia flowers. It's rather impressive for a volunteer.

As far as dreaming of a farm some day in the future, I'm on the same page. For now I'm settling for micro-farming in the city, and learning as much as I can.