Thursday, July 20

Taking the Jesus Pill

Last night I helped out at Taking the Jesus Pill at the King King. If you live in LA you should go to this show. It's produced/written/performed by the folks who live in the house in front of us: Polly and Charlie. They're fabulous and so's their show. It's a swamp gothic rock opera with a rockin' live band and video elements. Seriously, the songs stand alone, and then the play is really fun becuase it happens all around you while you're drinking in this cool club.

This is Charlie.

He's the writer/singer and kind of devil character in the play.

It's so great! Bryan and I had a really good time when we went and then it seemed like last night the crowd was really into it. Here's the pic I took.

I know, pathetic. If you do go, get your tickets ahead of time because they sell out quick and get there early so you can have a seat. Seriously. There were 50 people standing last night and they were less than thrilled.

Check out more about it and read all the amazing reviews at

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