Sunday, July 16

The Greens Cookbook

Lately I've become obsessed with the Greens Cookbook. It's funny because it's probably the one cookbook I knew best growing up, mainly because of the veggie lasagna mom would make every Thanksgiving for the vegetarians. When I got my copy it went up on the cook book shelf, to be used periodically as a reference for simple things like a berry crisp or spinach and goat cheese pie.

Normally I wouldn't be that into a cookbook that doesn't have pictures. Half the joy of cooking from a book is pouring over the glossy photos of food that you will never be able to match up to. And I was never that interested in most of the recipes so I mostly ignored the book. After making dinner the other night from it though I had a return to Greens moment. I started pouring over the book and suddenly all of the recipes looked and sounded amazing. Now I can't stop flipping thru looking for new fun things to try.

I'm PAing on a commercial for the next couple of days, so I most likely won't be cooking, or posting for that matter, but I have a feeling that on Wednesday, and for sure Friday, I'll have a few newly tested recipes to share.

I am reminded of a woman I heard interviewed about a book she had just written. Right after she gave birth she left her career to be a stay at home mom and almost lost her mind from boredom (fortunately I don't have that problem). Her savior: Julia Childs and her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She decided to make one French recipe from the book a day for a year. Her memoir is about this year of the disasters and successes of doing just that.

I was thinking that I wouldn't mind trying out a similar thing with the Greens cookbook. Bryan? Interested? You do like the spinach and goat cheese pie!

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